Smart Technology transforming Slovenia

28.09 2018 | Ljubljana

GDi Ljubljana works on smart technology project to transform region

Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) said on Tuesday (25-09-2018)  it has signed memorandums with Slovenia’s grid operator ELES to jointly implement the expanded smart technology project they launched in 2016.

Under agreement with ELES, NEDO and multinational conglomerate Hitachi, Ltd. will start implementing a cloud-based advanced energy management system (AEMS) in Slovenia for the first time from October 2018.

The AEMS aims to prevent power outages through autonomous operation during grid failure, ensures the quality of factory electricity through voltage dips mitigation measures, and provides frequency control to electricity transmission system operator.

The entire smart technology project is expected to be implemented by March 2021.

GDi contributed in the initial phase of the project with its Ensemble product that extended and adapted the spatial and topological network model.

GDi CIM adapter was used by selected electrical distribution companies to provide grid data for the advanced distribution management system supplied by Hitachi.

The configurable GDi CIM adapter operates on an enterprise service bus and uses the latest version of the CIM standard for electrical distribution grid model. Systems integration design and implementation were made jointly with Milan Vidmar Electric power Research Institute, Iskratel, Bintegra in Slovenia and Hitachi.

Full details of the project can be seen HERE