Transport and Logistics

>>Transport and Logistics

Simplifying the Complex

Simplify complex data using location intelligence. Tackle the problems of planning , design and operation of modern transportation and transport infrastructure.

Fleet Management

Increasing Speed and Efficiency

Our solution for fleet management includes: intelligent route planning, satellite fleet management, distribution area planning.

See Ensemble for Fleet Management


Ensuring an efficient supply chain

Check out Ensemble for Logistics

Roads and Highways

Roads Management

Applications for ensuring a smooth transportation flow, by aiding design, routing, traffic control and real-time navigation.


Efficient Management

Key tools and decision support systems for rail operations  – manage assets, maintenance tasks, monitor safety and communicate with staff and the public.

Ports and Maritime

Manage Diverse Assets

Asset management and operational support systems for the diverse marine sector. Increase efficiency of daily operational tasks whilst enhancing security and safety.

Airports and Aviation

Meeting Modern Demands

Enabling engineers and planners to achieve design goals. Improve infrastructure, asset management, safety and security and meet regulatory obligations.

Public Transport

Serving the Customer

Visualize whole operation in real time. Optimize routes and services delivery based on intelligent tools. Respond faster to unforseen events and situations with GDi solutions that inform of operational changes.

GDi Logistics desktop

Selected Benefits for Transport and Logistics

  • Streamline and simplify business systems and processes.

  • Understand complex data easily through location. Get the best knowledge of capacity and cost and see the potential for improvements.

  • Correct problems quickly by accessing pertinent data. Clearly see inefficiencies and problems early, before they disrupt your business.

  • For courier and postal operations streamline deliveries, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Combine insightful location analysis with traditional business intelligence systems to solve any business challenge.


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