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Where strategy meets opportunity

The key to any market development effort is to determine the demographics and the geographic location of the new target market. A successful strategy entails expanding both the potential market through new users in currently targeted segments and new customers in new segments.

GDi tools and platforms enable your organisation to gain strategic advantage with information and demographic analyses that can be used to understand the national or regional economy and population and gain a better knowledge of customer characteristics. They allow the understanding of all relationships between your company, customers and competition.

Hence, greater intelligence is provided for market development and business decisions – the result is to reduce uncertainty, drive profitability and improve business performance.

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Target customers with greater intelligence

Our tools for market development and strategic planning enable and encourage:

  • Visualization of existing market position and future potential by adding customer characteristics (behavior, values, lifestyles) on the top of region social and location data.
  • Strategic planning and analyses for sales activities, POS network planning, media planning, market share determination.
  • Performance controlling (KPI tracking, value per POS/region).
  • Sales targeting/routing – sales routing optimization.
  • Capturing points of interest with GDi Atlas and GDi Ensemble Smart Search and online content/interests per region.

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Key benefits:
  • Optimize distribution networks by confidently planning new sites to optimize coverage.
  • Increase business value by reaching new customers and find new upsell opportunities.
  • Perform sales segmentation – construct typologies for tailoring sales and marketing strategies – identify areas of high potential.
  • Improve the customer relationship with targeted communication and geo-merchandising. Employ relevant and profitable marketing activities.
  • Enhance sales efficiency with better targeted campaigns with lower acquisition and retention costs.
  • Balance sales territories with effective organization, better team responsiveness and cost optimization.
  • Develop efficient and profitable strategies and view results on information dashboards and maps.
  • Perform geographical data mining, predictive analysis, and prospecting.

Focus on

Ensemble Smart Search

Powerful data collection and visualization tool. Make efficient business decisions by getting an extra spatial dimension to web based searches. Results presented in easy to view map format for any subsequent purpose.

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Ensemble Smart Search

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GDi Atlas

GDi Atlas

Portfolio of data content products and services designed to allow interpretation, analysis and optimization by geo-enabled tools and applications. Allows timely and reliable information required by organisations throughout the many decision making processes.

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GDi Cloud

GDi Cloud

Our managed cloud-based environment designed to provide GDi products and services to our customers with the fastest way to market and with the lowest risk. Ensures a fast generation of revenue with increased efficiency for any business or organisation.

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