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Enabling efficient management of public services

Local, regional and national governments are under increasing pressure to improve the efficiency and quality of public services in the face of tightening budgets. Furthermore, the rapid adoption of digital technology in the commercial world is changing citizens’ expectations of how they should be able to interact with their government and agencies when dealing with public services.

Our technology solutions allow governments and agencies to meet these expectations by simplifying the overall business of managing public services, streamlining and automating core operations to run as flexible, agile processes. Citizen concerns are thus addressed sooner and with greater efficiency. In addition, planning activities, reporting and transparency are improved, and revenue and capital investments maximized.

Through our years of experience and extensive knowledge in the development, implementation and support of focused technology solutions, we are delivering positive benefits in many areas including: revenue management, roads and public lights management, urban identification, permits management, collaborative urban planning and more.

public services management

Helping public service providers achieve their strategic goals:
  • Digitization of transactional services and processes to deliver improved efficiency and provide new digital services to citizens, businesses and public servants.

  • Facilitate increased data sharing and innovative use of data across multiple departments.

  • Deliver integrated services, improve decision making, openness and transparency between government and citizens.

  • Support integration, standardization and consolidation across multiple bodies and departments to drive efficiency, reduce duplication and costs.

The open data challenge

We are helping forward-thinking governments to promote transparency, accountability and value creation by using our technology solutions to deploy and disseminate their own and other open data. National, regional and local governments are able to promote business creation and innovative, citizen-centric public services.

Using Ensemble for Smart Communities Open Data module, public service providers can utilize many types of datasets from multiple sources.

open source data

Utilize open data from many sources

Focus on

Ensemble for Smart Communities

Support and transform work processes at national, regional and local government. Leverage the power of location to improve service delivery and daily operations. Available as a cloud based solution and delivered via the web, it is helping to build smarter communities and allow more engaged citizens.

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roads report

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National GeoPortal of the Republic of Macedonia Created as part of the Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project to manage the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). "National GeoPortal of the Republic

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