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Smart operations give new routes to growth

The liberalization of energy markets, the presence of strong competition and the global need for optimization in the management of different energy sources, means this sector is faced with many new and demanding challenges. In addition, it must balance the demand for energy against the wider social and environmental concerns. Companies are having to invest heavily in communications infrastructure in order to support: advanced metering requirements, demand response and distribution automation, regulatory requirements and reduce the costs of delivering energy.

Our solutions for this sector meet a wide range of demanding business needs such as network inventory, complete asset management, business workflow and workforce optimization of operations and include those for the management of connected devices and smart sensors. Determine trends, patterns, and make informed decisions based on accurate and timely information. Easily visualize, analyze, and manage your network assets and events.

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Selected Benefits for the Energy and Utilities  Sector

  • Maximize operational efficiency of your assets and drive down costs.

  • Make smarter decisions and let location-based analyses guide your next step forward.

  • Monitor  events or daily operations from your desktop or tablet or smartphone.

  • Simplify design, planning and operational tasks and streamline workflows.

  • Effectively manage end-user services, comply with regulations and inform and retain customer loyalty.

commercial business

commercial business

commercial business

Key business areas

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Ensemble for Workforce Management

Efficiently plan, forecast, and schedule workers to meet service level goals. Manage work, people and processes at all stages of any task, across all departments, at any location.

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Ensemble for Workforce Management

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