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Effective management and monitoring of water resources

Ensemble for Water Resources provides a comprehensive suite of web applications for the effective management of national water resources in accordance with EU directives for water management and flood protection.

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Developed through proven GDi expertise and fulfilling the needs for sustainable water management and flood risk control.

Key Benefits:
  • Sustainable ground and surface water management in all segments

  • Efficient and clear information exchange including presentation of key information for public

  • Improved management of accidental flood situations

  • Provides a comprehensive decision support system particularly for active management of flood risk

  • Increased efficiency and reduction in costs for daily management tasks

  • Fully compliant with EU Directives

  • Provides valuable information for further research and related activities

Comprehensive Management of Precious Water Resources

Ensemble for Water Resources specialized application suite includes:
  • Water Cadaster
    Data processing and analysis.

  • Water Ledger
    Full workflow provision – for initiation, issuing and recording of water permits.

  • Water Estate Cadaster
    Records full ownership details of all land parcels at every level from state, companies and organisations to private individuals.
  • Water Characterization
    Allows data entry for the management of river basins in accordance with legal national and international obligations.
  • Water Cadaster – Public Map
    Provides detailed and relevant information required for citizens.
  • Water Cadaster – Internal Map
    Detailed information display of all content related to water resources, usage, water protection, and protection from flood hazard.
  • Water Estate Cadaster
    Allows complete monitoring of ownership relations in water area.
  • Water Characterization
    Provides for viewing of the results of analyses from various water resources monitoring requirements.


Water Administration System for Albania

New Water Information System for Albania To provide for the efficient organization of the Albanian River Basin Agencies and the monitoring of water management for the whole Albanian territory, GDi is currently implementing

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