Making the World a Safer Place

In the face of new challenges for those involved in security and safety, geo-enabled tools and applications are immensely useful and powerful in providing essential information for making the correct decisions. Disruptive technologies such as the use of drones and new kinds of remote sensing devices have transformed the methods, operations and information that is now available in the fight to make the world a safer place. GDi, through its partnerships and long-standing experience in this area, can provide full a solution implementation to meet these latest challenges.

GDi Emergency

Selected Benefits for the Security and Safety Sector

  • Tools for all phases of work process including preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery.

  • Prioritize the areas that need attention most after an incident and track progress through interactive maps.

  • Compare historical incidents with current operational data to see where future events are most likely to occur.

  • Real-time observations in the field, can be fed into central command systems using mobile applications.

  • Increase the levels of safety for citizens using various tools such as interactive maps that show active dangers, escape routes and muster points.

  • Ability to transform public relations with accurate timely information, promote transparency and highlight response activities.

  • Unlimited potential of geoinformation systems and applications across the whole spectrum within this sector.


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