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Driving digital transformation and intelligent operations

Success in the telecom sector is not only a matter of delivering better and more efficient services to end customers, it also requires the release of capital, time and resources in order to drive internal change and transformation.

Our solutions empower board members, managers, engineers, field workers, marketers, sales and customer service representatives with the right information to help them identify areas of new revenue potential, improve customer experience and increase profitability.

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Ensemble for Network Inventory

Manage any type of physical, logical and service network resource. Empower your organisation with the knowledge of your network to the very last detail.

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Ensemble for Telecom Networks

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GDi Atlas

GDi Atlas

Portfolio of data content products and services designed to allow interpretation, analysis and optimization by geo-enabled tools and applications. Allows timely and reliable information required by organisations throughout the many decision making processes.

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GDi Cloud

GDi Cloud

Our managed cloud-based environment designed to provide GDi products and services to our customers with the fastest way to market and with the lowest risk. Ensures a fast generation of revenue with increased efficiency for any business or organisation.

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Kuwait University City

Kuwait University City Operating and maintaining information & communication technology (ITC) infrastructure at Kuwait University. GDi Ensemble for Network Inventory - purpose and

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