Complete solution for complex routing and scheduling operations

Ensemble for Logistics is a complete solution for complex routing and scheduling tasks. It helps minimize operational costs, maximize productivity, and improve your customer experience. Offering a quick and significant return on investment for fleets of all sizes, it is ideally suited for logistics operations across all types of organizations including:

  • food and beverages
  • manufacturing and delivery
  • medical services and supplies
  • local government inspectors
  • courier and messenger services
  • utilities and telecommunications.

Ensemble for Logistics on desktop

In addition to optimizing vehicle travel distance, time, and cost, the solution provides intelligent routing by taking into account actual and historical travel times, distances, street network restrictions, vehicle characteristics, customer characteristics, and more. After solving a routing problem, driving directions, routes and schedules can be exported as text, database files and sent to mobile devices.

Ensemble for Logistics

  • Reduce the cost of labour and vehicle expenses.
  • Make your operation more efficient.
  • Expand your business using the resources you have already.
  • Improve services and customer experience.
  • Improve driver accountability.
Key Benefits:
  • Enhance work flow through efficient and economic crew dispatch

  • Easily modify a schedule or respond to emergency calls

  • Efficient just-in-time scheduling

  • Customer service improvement through more accurate scheduling

  • Increase the number of stops completed

  • Reorganize your fleet equipment based on what you really need, not what you have

  • Audit mileage and work activity

  • Minimize overtime and improve driver accountability

Powerful Logistics solution

Selected features include:

  • Simple workflow-based user interface

  • Street data, locators for geocoding, and mapping service for whole of Europe

  • License based on fleet size, number of vehicles

  • Routes based on drive times, distances, and restrictions

  • Specify route recurrence by day of week

  • Build default routes with different driver/vehicle combinations

  • Account for specifics of vehicles, drivers, and orders

  • Geocode customer addresses and allow manual placement of customer locations

  • Use barriers by specific dates

  • Create multiple versions of a daily route plan

  • Output route summary reports, detailed and overview maps, street-level directions, driver manifests, CO2 emissions reports, and more

  • Export routes and schedules to mobile devices

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