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Created by our expert team and providing the most accurate geographic data designed to fit our customers’ needs. Atlas provides off-the-shelf geoinformation content that includes many types of data in various scales. Provided in both vector or raster geodatabases or geocoded raster maps, the most important advantage of our portfolio of data products is that they have been produced by GDi local operating companies using first-hand knowledge of local geography. This ensures the very highest quality and content accuracy.


Why Atlas?

Gives users the easy and smart way to manage and represent all assets, resources and operations based on their location and connections to surroundings.

  • Increase productivity and efficiency of mobile and fixed assets
  • Optimize resources and operations and make decisions based on location
  • Reduce costs of operational tasks

Adding value to our applications and tools

Check out some features and benefits:

  • Products and services ready made for Central and South East Europe

  • Uniquely covers EU and EU accession candidate regions

  • Enable location based tools and services

  • Increase accuracy and expansion of planning

  • Manage environmental impact

  • Add value to existing GDi solutions

  • Basemap functionality

No Limits

GDi Atlas products are used in many industry and business sectors:

  • Telecoms
  • City management
  • Environmental protection
  • Flood risk management
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Utilities and energy
  • Water resources management
  • Land and real estate
  • Spatial planning
  • Security and public safety
  • Defence and intelligence

Updates, maintenance and support

For all Atlas products we provide periodic updates and upgrades. The specifics of these depends on data type, market requests, and other indicators, but regular maintenance is available for almost all of our products.

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Who uses Atlas?

Our customers come from various countries and industries and include major telecommunication operators, local and national governments, utility and transportation companies, turn-by-turn navigation vendors and system integrators.

Other regions

GDi has a wide range of off-the-shelf data products covering the entire Central European region. We are also able to deliver geographic data content and databases for any other part of the world.

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