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Our highly experienced and qualified team is at the core of our business.

Knowledge of many industry sectors, business functions, processes, technology and related needs and trends enables the GDi team to be highly customer-focused.
We encourage innovation, creativity and the exploration of new ideas and methods to tackle the problems of today and the future.

Professional yet relaxed environment

People are happiest and most productive when they work in an environment that suits them. Visitors to GDi will notice an environment that is not only very pleasant, but is optimized for sustaining the high energy levels of our staff and for the production of the highest quality work.

Our team benefits from a flexible working day, spacious air-conditioned and naturally lit offices ideally suited for our fast-paced, customer-focused business.

Our work gets us noticed

Over the years, the GDi team has worked in providing solutions for many types of business, government departments and agencies. Our countless implementations, have and continue to provide benefits not only in the areas of increased work efficiency and business transformation, but also to the wider population and society.

Our impact and the real-world benefits that result from our work means that our experience, views and expertise is highly valued and reported by both national and international media.

Continuous education and training

GDi has a very strong focus on education in all our business segments. We recognize its central importance in the development of our innovative products and the quality of our implementations using the latest technologies. This foundation, built upon acquiring the relevant business knowledge and technology skills in the rapidly changing world, allows us to quickly adapt to industry trends and meet our customers’ business needs.

Our internal education program, under the banner of ‘GDi Academy’, focuses on the acquisition of skills and knowledge for the individual and the company as a whole.

Event organisation and participation

The GDi team organize and take part in many local, national and international events.

The opportunities to strengthen our existing partnerships and relationships are combined with the excitement of finding and forging new ones.

Our partnership with you

Success in business always involves the satisfaction of human needs. To this end, we view all our relationships, with customers, technology providers and others,  both formal and informal, as partnerships between people. Through our constant communication and engagement on a human level, we aim to produce the best possible solution for your organisation.

Looks like team spirit

The GDi team have fun working hard and work hard at having fun. We develop together and support each other in order to achieve business goals and personal aspirations such as self-development. In this way, we make sure that we exceed the expectations of our customers.

The GDi team work and think like a family – we maintain a positive team spirit and ensure that every voice counts.

We mean business

Let us know about your own requirements

We mean business

Let us know about your own requirements

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