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Providing effective management of diverse resources

An effective resource management system requires the ability to accurately estimate the supply and demand of resources and use them to the maximum capacity for the minimum amount of cost. Resources may include, physical, human, natural, financial, cultural etc. and the timely data that is required for effective resource management includes:

  • demand for resources
  • resource availability
  • resource fit – what is required of the resource to fit the demand
  • utilization/allocation – the amount of the resource that is used and where it is used

Meeting all the above needs and more, our geo-enabled technology solutions incorporate advanced resource management tools that allow resource capacity and demand planning, resource scheduling with resource utilization in real-time via dashboards.

resource management screens

Trusted solutions for business critical services

For the management of any type of network resource consisting of physical, logical and/or services look no further than our industry proven solution Ensemble for Network Inventory. Trusted and relied upon by major telecom providers for business critical services, it includes a fully integrated workflow and workforce module.

The flexible and powerful Ensemble for Workforce Management incorporates full skills and competencies management – it also allows proactive responses to fast-changing demands, and prevents resource under or over utilization. In short, it enables organizations to efficiently plan, forecast and schedule employees to meet service level goals.

Nature provides us with the most precious resource of all – water. Our solution, Ensemble for Water Resources, developed through proven GDi expertise has given national government agencies a complete and comprehensive system for water management, flood protection and flood risk control, in accordance with the latest EU directives.

Focus on

Ensemble for Network Inventory

Manage any type of physical, logical and service network resource. Empower your organisation with the knowledge of your network to the very last detail.

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Ensemble for Telecom Networks

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GDi Atlas

GDi Atlas

Portfolio of data content products and services designed to allow interpretation, analysis and optimization by geo-enabled tools and applications. Allows timely and reliable information required by organisations throughout the many decision making processes.

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GDi Cloud

GDi Cloud

Our managed cloud-based environment designed to provide GDi products and services to our customers with the fastest way to market and with the lowest risk. Ensures a fast generation of revenue with increased efficiency for any business or organisation.

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