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with GDi Smart Digital Solutions. Our powerful tools and applications are helping businesses and organisations to succeed in meeting the many demands and challenges of the modern world.

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What we do

GDi 30 years together
Our core focus is on providing solutions for management of resources, assets and operations in telecommunications, energy, government, agriculture and food, natural resources, environment, security and safety, and commercial industries.

GDi and Esri

Esri official distributor
Esri is the World leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and offers a complete platform for mapping, analysis, data management and collaboration. All GDi products and solutions are built using Esri technology. We are an official Esri distributor and continue to successfully work together since 1989.
ArcGIS for Personal Use / ArcGIS for Student Use
For personal and non-commercial use, Esri offers a couple of great products, namely ArcGIS for Personal Use and ArcGIS for Student Use. These will accelerate your own personal and professional development and enable you to learn essential technical skills.

GDi Ensemble

Portfolio of GDi developed powerful tools and applications built using the latest technology and serving the requirements of specific business and organisation needs. Improve and transform your business processes and operations. Increase efficiency and drive down costs using our latest industry proven solutions.


New features on the COVID-19 interactive portal
New features on the COVID-19 interactive portal
GDi has developed a free version of the web portal that gives users a clear insight into the spread of Coronavirus.
Ensemble A<sup>3</sup>
Ensemble A3
Ensemble product
GDi Ensemble A3 is enterprise asset management software that enables you to digitize and optimize your material asset maintenance operations, resulting in higher efficiency and costs reduction.

GDi Atlas

Timely and up-to-date geographic digital data is met by GDi Atlas portfolio of data content products and services. Geo-enabled tools and applications interpret, analyse the data and provide reliable information for organisations to make the right decisions.

Zagreb 3D desktop

GDi Cloud

Using our cloud-based delivery platform we provide GDi products and services to our customers with the fastest way to market and with the lowest risk. Ensures a fast generation of revenue with increased efficiency for any business or organisation.

Your benefits

  • Focus on core business operations with increased efficiency
  • 24/7 service availability, monitoring and support
  • Reduce business risk – no investment in hardware, software
  • Scalable architecture provides flexibility for expansion and growth

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