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GDi Cloud

Our managed cloud-based environment is designed to provide GDi products and services to our customers with the fastest way to market and with the lowest risk. Ensures a fast generation of revenue with increased efficiency for any business or organisation.


Why use our managed cloud service?

  • Focus on core business operations with increased efficiency
  • 24/7 service availability, monitoring and support
  • Reduce business risk – no investment in hardware, software
  • Scalable architecture provides flexibility for expansion and growth

Fast, reliable, secure

Check out the features:

  • Vendors – Our cloud hosting center uses premium ISP services with redundant Internet access and independent of single ISP.

  • Disaster Recovery – Disaster recovery site is physically dislocated which enables high service availability.

  • Deployment Costs – All costs for the hosting, such as computing and storage capacity and management fees, are included in the offer package.

  • Platform – The core element is a powerful geo-enabled engine with high capacity storage of geographical data and maps.

  • Hosted Services – Infrastructure, software platforms, applications and data hosted by GDi as a service. Managed services are used by enterprise customers, local governments and small to medium telecom operators.

  • Architecture – Standard hardware architecture consists of three tiers with redundant nodes, consisting of:

    Frontend nodes – applications and services

    Middleware nodes – platforms

    Database servers – data and content

Trusted partnerships

Major telecommunications operators, national governments and organisations rely on our managed cloud environment to provide fast, reliable and secure services.

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Why use our cloud environment?

  • Systems managed by experienced GDi staff ensures integrity and protection of sensitive data
  • Multiple business model scenarios to meet the needs of any industry / organisation
  • Full or partial integration with existing systems depending on your own business needs

Get in touch

Our experienced team is pleased to answer any questions about the benefits of using our managed cloud service.

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