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Maximizing value from your business assets

Most businesses have a wide range of fixed and liquid assets and the cost-effective deployment, operation, maintenance, upgrade, and disposal of assets is of primary importance in order to get the maximum return on investment. In addition, new opportunities now exist for significant improvements in asset reliability, and performance due to the use and availability of connected devices, sensors, big data analytics, mobile technology and seamless workflow collaboration. Whether you operate productive assets such as plant and equipment or monitor and maintain facilities with the aim of providing the best possible service to users, our solution for asset management leverages and utilizes the latest technologies, to enable your business objectives to be achieved.

Solutions that make business sense

Delivering business value

Using our portfolio of industry proven solutions, we are delivering real business value to our clients. We understand the needs and requirements not only within many industry sectors but those specific to our customers’ individual asset management processes. Our asset management solution improves decision making throughout the life cycle of an asset: acquisition, operations, maintenance, renewal.

Selected benefits of using our asset management solution:

  • Asset utilization – Keep track and manage assets from different locations. View asset specifications, condition, and financial information. View how they are used and extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases.
  • Operations – Improve operations across available assets, increase reliability and reduce unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiency. Increase productivity and lifespan through predictive maintenance by identifying issues before costly failures or downtime.
  • Workforce and resource scheduling – Centralize control of workforce activities. Optimize and make performance improvements including improved planning and resource use.
  • Make business more efficient – Reduce the time to obtain correct data. Understand the capabilities your assets, and how they can be operated in the most effective manner. Integration of business processes to use, create and update asset data.
  • Risk management –  Allow the proper implementation of an effective risk management plan. Accurate assessment of any asset can assist in identifying associated risks and help determine a solution to mitigate them.
  • Reduce inventory needs – Excess or obsolete assets can be determined and their retirement easily planned.
  • Improve compliance and insurance – Fulfil requirements of transparency and traceability for regulatory authorities and insurance purposes.

Focus on

Ensemble for Asset Management

Get the best possible return on investment by allowing constant and precise monitoring and maintenance of valued items. Complete control of asset performance, resulting in cost reductions and enhances the capacity for business growth.

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Ensemble for Asset Management

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