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We are an innovative and award winning provider of applied technology solutions, with over 30 years of successful growth and over 1,000 customers.

Our proven, industry focused business process software and data solutions operate on world leading technology platforms and are complemented by a full range of related professional services, training and on-going long-term support. This includes maintenance, operations and system change management.

We are particularly well known for leadership in the field of Operations Support Systems (OSS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Cloud Computing and Geoinformation Systems (GIS) for both the commercial and public market segments. Today, the main focus of our products is on intelligent assets, intelligent operations, intelligent resources, smart data and smart platforms.

GDi Smart Digital Solutions

Our professional team is here to help you improve key performance indicators and efficiently manage growth of your resources, assets and operations.


Understand, anticipate and serve the needs of our clients and partners in order to deliver solutions that improve their business processes above and beyond their expectations.

Use experienced and skilled teams to analyze, consult, design and develop products, implement and support innovative client-orientated solutions based on leading, robust and standards compliant platforms.

Provide our growing customer base with a full set of mission critical solutions that provide increased value to their business by streamlining operational tasks and transforming work processes.

Continuously develop our own human resources to increase the competitiveness of employees and drive global growth based on innovative solution products.

Create, develop and sustain quality partnerships with leading solution partner organisations and customers worldwide.

Operate highly professionally, ethically and sustainably as well as contribute to the community and well-being of society.

Let’s work together

Find out more about our company and what we can offer to your business or organisation.

Let’s work together

Find out more about our company and what we can offer to your business or organisation.

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