Taking care of a most valuable resource

A complete fisheries management geoinformation solution for strategically planning, monitoring and managing fisheries resources and policies. Built to accommodate the latest European Union fisheries requirements.

Vessel Analyst

Ensemble for Fisheries

Ensemble for Fisheries Management enables the sustainable management of marine resources (fleet fishing capacity vs fishing opportunities) according to the Common Fisheries Policy

Key Benefits:
  • Optimized business processes and less time spent on both administrative and on-site inspection tasks

  • Greater insight and control over all mariculture and fishing activities

  • Better control over subsidized fuel use

  • Collected and organized information: catch on time, fishing effort, characteristics of fishing fleet, fish farming and the economic effects of fishery

  • Control over first sale (fish and other sea food)

  • Web sale of licenses for recreational and sport fishing

  • Reports generation

Robust and Comprehensive

Ensemble for Fisheries Management essential features include:
  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)
    Fully integrated system providing real-time recording of vessel position, direction and speed. Geofencing capabilities allow the setting up of vessel movement constraints, including associated alarm systems, based on location and time. 

  • Vessel Analyst
    Analytical tool utilizing both current and user-selectable historical vessel and associated spatial data from VMS. Allows, for example, visualization and cross-checking of vessel movements in comparison to information recorded by fisherman – (used for various cross checking activities between VMS real-time data and data reported by fisherman).

  • e-Logbook
    Total replacement for traditional paper-based system. On-board mobile device built to withstand the severe conditions of fishing activities. Both online and offline capability.
  • Fleet Register
    Used by official authorities to closely manage fleet capacity. Records include information related to the fishing vessel, licenses and ownership details.
  • Portal for Commercial Fisheries
    Web-based portal which enables two-way communication between official authority and commercial fisheries operators. It provides valuable support in their daily business processes; from fish catch to transportation to the final customer.
  • Fish Catch
    The module ‘Fish catch’ is used for the catch record reached in commercial fisheries. The catch data is derived through e-Logbook and reports. Besides the electronic entry via e-Logbook and direct synchronization with the central base, there is also a catch report via paper forms. Entry of catch data in the district units in the unique central system is easier with the simple application solutions and interfaces.

  • Fish Sale
    Used by both official authority and fish buyers. Allows for complete lifecycle traceability from fish catch to final consumer.
  • Mariculture
    Specialized module used by both the operator of the fish farm and official authority with the purpose of mariculture sites capacity management.

  • Inspection
    Mobile-based application required by inspectors of all activities related to fishing. Seamless integration with other modules allows inspector to perform easily all required tasks.

  • e-Licensing
    Allows for the online application of recreational and sport fishing licences.
  • Reporting
    Comprehensive and detailed reports generation on all aspects of fishing activities.

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