ГДи интерактивни решенија и презентации

ГДи Скопје подготви неколку интерактивни решенија и презентации во рамките на нашиот ArcGIS online (AGOL), кои можете да ги погледнете на следниот линк https://gdi-sk.maps.arcgis.com/. Се трудиме редовно да го ажурираме со нови интересни содржини од сите области на нашето работење.

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Handball World Cup France 2017 story map

Following the start of the Handball World Championships in France, GDi decided to help you get in the mood. We have created an online story map showing all the countries participating in the 2017 competition. Also shown is the list of 1st stage groups. In addition, we included all the host cities and gallery images of every venue in which the games will be played.

WebGIS for County of Zagreb

At the end of last year, the County of Zagreb Institute for Urban Planning, in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency, held a presentation of their new Web GIS application. The application, developed, implemented and hosted by GDi, includes all relevant data for 20 entrepreneurial zones within Zagreb County. It is already becoming an invaluable tool by enabling prospective investors to make informed decisions about where to initiate or relocate their business ventures.

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