When every second counts, we can make the difference.

Ensemble for Emergency Services makes sure that medical services first responders have the correct and necessary information at the incident scene. It enables them to make smart choices and ensure better patient outcomes.

GDi Emergency desktop

GDi Emergency tablet

Ensemble for Emergency Services helps save lives by cutting the time between the emergency call and arrival to intervention by emergency crews and vehicles.

Key Benefits:
  • Increased efficiency of all resources – medical teams and vehicles

  • Increased reliability of emergency service – complete support of 24 hr operations

  • Full integration of different data sources including voice and medical records

  • All voice communication recorded

  • Complete integration of data from the field crews

  • Additional analysis for special cases related to possible criminal investigation – includes complete digital forensics

  • Reporting modules allows regular monthly and yearly reporting to official and government bodies

Selected Core Features

Our solution includes all the features required for managing an emergency response centre:
  • Dispatch
    Incoming calls – call geocoding

    Closest vehicle availability
    Vehicle tracking and status tracking

  • Scheduling
    Scheduling for crew deployment (yearly, monthly)

    Automatic calculation of deployed work time
    Rules based for all the crews

  • Analytics and reporting
    Automated yearly and monthly reports generation

    Analysis for service improvement and crew education
    Tracking of individual actions for every separate intervention

  • GIS functionality with GPS integration
    GPS position of the vehicle with status

    GIS data provides for precise location of calls and interventions as well as the optimal route of the closest available vehicle, enabling higher efficiency and faster response times

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