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7.5. and 8.5. 2019 | Zagreb, Croatia
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7.5. and 8.5. 2019 | Zagreb, Croatia
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You are invited to join us!

We are pleased to announce a valuable and informative event where we will present GDi Solutions for government, industries, and commercial business sectors.
Join us to discover and talk about our current exciting and future technology solutions that will positively impact your organization.
In addition, the event will provide you with a chance to connect with your peers and discuss with us your current and future business needs.


GDi Zagreb, Baštijanova 52a, 2nd floor


7.5. and 8.5. 2019


10:00 – 14:00 hrs

1 Event | 2 Dates!

You should attend on the date that matches your area of interest.

7.5.2019 – Industry and Commercial Business.

Discover our smart digital solutions for the improvement of key performance indicators and the efficient management of growth of resources, assets and operations. Learn about how our solutions are helping commercial businesses achieve and sustain the benefits of digital transformation.
Our solutions are empowering the relevant company staff with the right information to help them identify areas of new revenue potential, improve customer experience and increase profitability.
See also how we can streamline and harmonize your business processes to improve business performance outcomes, increase operational agility, and so deliver the best value to customers and stakeholders.

8.5.2019 – Government Departments and Agencies.

We will demonstrate GDi Ensemble applications and tools, and GDi Atlas data content products for national, regional, and local government departments and agencies.
GDi portfolio of products and solutions for:
Smart government.
Smart communities.
Smart management of assets and resources.
Delivering efficient and cost effective services.
Empowering a bright future for cities and regions.
Promotion of openness and transparency.

What will we show?

GDi Products and Solutions | Business Insights and Case Studies

Ensemble W4

Is a web-based solution that enables organizations to efficiently plan, forecast, and schedule employees to meet service level goals. It provides for the manageability of work, people, and processes at all stages of any task, across all departments, at any location, and under various working conditions. Our solution allows a complete view of how work is being done and the status of any work items.

Ensemble W4 Enterprise is fully integrated with Workflow. This full integration allows complex workflows to integrate with any system in your IT ecosystem.

W4 Schedule Ex

Ensemble A3 (Enterprise Asset Management)

Maximizing return on investment with effective asset management. Across all business and organization sectors, the cost-effective deployment, operation, maintenance, and disposal of assets is of primary importance to ensure better managed capital expenditures, and asset utilization.

Our solution enables you the best possible return on investment by allowing constant and precise monitoring and maintenance of valued items. It allows the complete control of asset performance, resulting in cost reductions and enhances the capacity for business growth.

desktop EAM

Ensemble for Smart Communities

Ensemble for Smart Communities contains essential tools and applications developed to support business processes in national, regional and local governments.

Our proven solution significantly improves or transforms daily tasks within public administration. Available as a cloud based solution delivered via the web, it is also helping to build smarter communities, and allow more engaged citizens.

Ensemble for Smart Communities

Event Location

GDi Zagreb
Baštijanova 52a, floor 2