Ensemble for

Fleet Management

Complete solution for tracking and managing vehicle fleets

Whether your company operates a small or large number of vehicles on the road at any one time, managing an entire vehicle fleet can be a costly exercise. Time lost through inefficient, dishonest or unsafe drivers can be a challenge for any company. Both operational and maintenance costs as well as fuel expenses can very quickly accumulate if they are not kept under control.

To tackle these problems, GDi Ensemble for Fleet Management is a comprehensive vehicle tracking system that gives you powerful real-time functionality combined with a simple and easy to use interface. You get the right information you need to save both money and time.

Ensemble for Fleet Management

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Our solution is built for high demand business users who have advanced needs for positioning accuracy as well as comprehensive reporting functions for their entire fleet costs control and optimization.

Ensemble for Fleet Management

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time visualization and control of vehicle fleet

  • Working hours reduction

  • Cost of idle time optimization

  • Protection against theft

  • Insurance cost reduction

  • Less time spent in unecessary communication with drivers

  • Reduction in fuel consumption

  • Better reliability and increase in service delivery up-time

  • Security enhancement

  • Improvement in driver satisfaction and work discipline

Complete fleet management solution

Selected features include:

  • Multi-tenant web user interface

  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device

  • Real-time and historical vehicle tracking

  • Flexible driver identification

  • Support for various mobile tracking devices

  • Flexible and rich reports

  • Automatic scheduling of reports

  • General and service alarms notifications via email, SMS and web

  • Advanced geofencing via ArcGIS GeoEvent platform

  • Support for various languages and cultures

  • Support for a wide range of telematics sensors

  • Integration with CAN bus (Controller Area Network vehicle bus standard)

  • Fuel management

  • Both cloud based and on-premises licensing models

  • Hierarchical organizational structure (company/vehicle/personnel)

  • Vehicle and driver management

  • Define and use points-of-interest


Fleet management at INA

Enterprise Fleet Management at INA d.d. GDi provided a full cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation of the Ensemble for Fleet Management product on telecom provider VIPnet’s infrastructure. It includes full integration of the [...]

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