New Water Information System for Albania

To provide for the efficient organization of the Albanian River Basin Agencies and the monitoring of water management for the whole Albanian territory, GDi is currently implementing the first stage of a complete water management system.

„The system GDi implemented already provides support for water management, and when complete will be in the true sense of the word a comprehensive tool for management and decision support.“
Davorin Singer, GDi - Senior Solution Consultant

GDi Waters data entry

|Building the Water Cadastre.

‘Preparation of Water Cadastre of Albania’ is being built using a phased approach. The Project lifecycle is divided into three major phases:

  • Inception
  • Implementation
  • Closure

Based on the information gathered during the ‘Inception’ phase a database model of the Water Cadaster was created. Specifications for web applications then followed and existing relevant data for the two river sub-basins Drini/Buna and Semani was collected. The database was populated with the collected data and applications for data entry and processing including the web GIS viewer were created. The final phase of the current project will include key user training and the completion of the collection and entry of all relevant water-related data for the whole territory of Albania.

  • GDi Ensemble for Water Resources database model based on the EU Water Framework Directive.

  • Uses INSPIRE standards in a form of Esri Enterprise Geodatabase.

  • Web GIS applications uses responsive web design for viewing on any device.

  • Reduction of working time needed for daily operations

  • Platform for data analysis and decision support through standardized and easily accessible data

  • Reduction of financial resources needed for business operations

GDi Waters GIS viewer

The Preparation of the Water Cadastre of Albania is the beginning of the creation of the Albanian Water Information System.  The future system will be expanded to include functionality in areas such as water protection and water use.  Other relevant components planned for inclusion are:

  • System for the defence against the harmful effects of water (Flood protection).
  • Water estates, water ledger and module of water characterization on which will be stored data pertaining to River Basin management plans.

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