Creating Business Benefits for Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS)

One of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in South-East Europe with its principal activities related to exploration, production and refining, sales and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products, as well as the implementation of energy projects.
Upgrade of client’s GIS Odeon system.

The GIS ODEON system was initially developed for real estate property management purposes. It was projected for 50 users. Today, it is multipurpose GIS system, integral part of NIS’ business process, with more than 400 users from all departments. The system has been continuously improved and upgraded by solutions based on state-of-the art technology and good practice.

“We quickly realized that we could not manage the amount of data that was spread through the entire territory of Serbia without a powerful support tool…”
M.M, Director of Land Affairs, NIS
“For certain information we used to have to wait for two, three weeks, file blueprint requests to cadaster etc. Users can now receive that information in ten seconds! “
M.M, Director of Land Affairs, NIS
“The savings that we achieved by using the application are very significant”
M.M, Director of Land Affairs, NIS
|Actual business benefits
  • In the time it took a team of 4 field workers in the previous year, a  team of 2 field workers now records twice as many objects using the GDi Field Tools application.

  • 200 % increase in productivity

  • A 20,000.00 Euro per team cost saving over a 3 month period

  • Data access time reduced from several hours or days to several seconds

  • Reduction of working time needed for operations

  • Reduction of financial resources needed for business operations

  • 260,000.00 Euros total savings for the first year of operational usage of the system

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