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A complete toolset for analyzing various types of farm data including historic and current crop information, yield and fertilization. It provides for easy and accurate decision making about agro-technical measures related to crop type / hybrid.

The farmer can collect, process and interpret all available data in order to manage field work and make the best decisions for planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops.

Ensemble for Precision Agriculture

Localis for Agriculture

Ensemble for Precision Agriculture uses advanced predictive analytics to give the best information for making smarter decisions

Key Benefits:

  • Simple web-based user interface

  • Comprehensive data analysis enables accurate decisions for localized planting and fertilization to be made

  • Greater crop yields with significant reduction in the amount of nutrient and other crop inputs

  • Lower operational costs

  • Accurately monitored yield data enables future site-specific field preparation.

  • Reduces environmental impact by optimizing fertilization and chemical application

The Latest in Precision Agriculture Tools

Ensemble for Precision Agriculture features include:

  • Simple web-based user interface

  • Multiple user / multiple divisions or company specific access administration

  • Scouting module

  • Spatial data viewer

  • Spatial data analysis

  • Catalogs of asset attributes

  • Reports generation
  • Data import from external systems

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